Important to know The most important thing in looking after your hair extension is daily moisturizing.

As hair extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils, they need to have additional moisturising with every wash so they don’t become brittle and break easily and end up in split and ratty ends.

As hair extensions can be quite costly and will never grow back, they do need some TLC. Take extra care when brushing so that you don’t yank them. Hair dryers and chemicals can burn and kill the hair of your extensions.

Please note:
These suggestions are just a general guideline on how to look after your hair extensions. At Bigstar Hair our hair extensions technicians will go over what you need with you.

Bigstar Hair Aftercare Kit for Hair Extensions

Brush gently working from ends toward scalp before and after each washing.

Wash gently once a week in cool to warm water.

Do not apply conditioner to where the extensions are attached to your own hair.

Do not wash hair more than once a week, but remember to moisturize every day.

When drying hair, gently pat dry the hair before blow-drying it with a hairdryer.

Do not rub while washing. Gently comb through with fingers in downward motions while washing and rinsing.

Use the right products, we recommend what is argan oil brand Agadir shampoo is sulfate and sodium free and will clean and keep the hair extensions moist.  Agadir deeply moisturizing treatment (Conditioner) may be used every time you wash your hair.

(Note: a clarifying shampoo is to be used before application and after removing the hair extensions).
Brush gently with either a wide tooth comb or a boar bristled brush and argan oil shop to apply when hair is washed and dry.
Brush often throughout the day, apply hair serum (chemical and protein free) frequently to retain moisture.
When blow drying hair, blow hair downward, not up into/against the hair flow.
Swimming is not recommended with hair extensions since chlorine damages the hair pieces. In case you need to swim, always apply lots of conditioner and braid hair beforehand to avoid tangling. Always wash the hair with proper shampoo/ condition and moisturize after a swim.

Braiding long extensions is recommended before bed.

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase will also help to keep your extensions from tangling when you sleep.

For extensions removal, we recommend that you come back to us for proper removal.

Please be aware that NOT all methods are suitable for all hair types. Bigstar hair will recommend a particular method but the decision is entirely up to you. Your hair extensions may/not stay on your hair for an estimated time depending on your hair texture, how strong your hair is holding onto the extensions, the products that you use and the overall maintenance of your hair.